Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What if......?

Thursday is a very important day for my family. My husband and my 9 year old daughter are traveling to Nicaragua for 12 days. If you're a mom, then I know you can relate to what I'm about to share. As moms, aren't we always thinking of the worst case scenario? When your kids don't make it home right after school, don't you see them in your mind hopping in a car with some strange man who offered them candy? Only to rush out the door, keys in hand, and see them walking down the sidewalk. Whew.... just lollygagging along, no emergency.

And what about when you expect your husband home at a certain time. Ten minutes pass, twenty minutes pass, thirty....and this is when I start visualizing him on the side of the road, van tipped upside down, trapped or already dying, not being able to reach his cell phone to call for help. Boy do I have to resist the urge to call 911!!! Then, he finally answers his cell phone, only to ask why in the world I called so many times. He was just caught in a conversation with someone and thinks it's rude to answer your cell phone during said conversation. And boy, can pastors get caught in conversation!

So, is it just me or do all moms do this? I'm not generally a worrisome person, which is why I assume it's all moms. Post to this blog regarding a similar situation and you'll be added to my drawing for the month.

Anyway, back to the original story about Nicaragua. I just have to trust that God is in control and that He will work all things for His glory.... whether or not my family returns. Right now, I'm fully trusting that the Lord knows how much I need my husband and that He also doesn't want me to go through the heartbreak of losing a child and/or my husband. So I am fully intending to pick them up from the airport on the 22nd! I WILL see them return. I know this because I know how much my Savior loves me (even thought I also know how undeserving I am).

May 1st Crop info:

Come join me on Saturday, May 1st for 12 hours of non-stop cropping! Get away for a whole day and finally get some scrapbooking done. I will be giving away over $350 in PRIZES! Plus, I will be having a garage sale of all my un-wanted items. This is an event you won't want to miss. Contact me asap to reserve your spot.

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Event General Information
Crop Time: 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM
Place: First Baptist Church in Alta Vista

What is included with your registration?
*Over $350 in prizes given out!
*A full 12 hours of cropping time, at a comfortable facility.
*Large table with limited numbers per table to allow more working area.
*Garage Sale of "Slightly Used" or NEW Scrapbook Items . Croppers will have access the first hour of the sale 9:00AM – 10:00AM. Open to croppers and the public 10 AM-4:00PM
*Use of tool and stamp table during entire crop.
*Welcome Packet with 5 prize tickets for giveaways.
*Contests, Hourly drawings, and GRAND PRIZE Giveaway.
*Lunch provided. Coffee and Tea provided throughout the day. There is one restaurant in town, so you can eat dinner there or pack your own.

Registration Information
Crop Fee $25.00 per person. Please call or email me to reserve your spot. Space is limited.

Get a friend to join you, register together and get 2 more prize tickets each. Each will fill out the registration form and send together by email or regular mail. Each person can pay separately on their individual registration form or with one joint payment. I take cash, check, or credit cards.

Bring 3 friends, get 10 tickets each and I will reserve a table for your group.
Any questions or concerns please contact me.

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