Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My St. Patty's Day Gift

I got a call from my husband and daughter today! I almost didn't answer my cell phone when I saw the odd number. I'm so glad I did. We spoke for awhile about what they were doing and how Addie was. It's almost a sad thing for me because I could hear the excitement in their voices. We're back home, missing them like crazy, but they aren't really missing us because they're having such a great experience. I imagine it will be like this when my kids leave home. I'll miss them like crazy, but they won't miss me much.

Anyway, it's Wednesday-- we're halfway through their time away. So, now I'm on the upslope! (is that a word??)

To the left is a card I made for a friend for her birthday last month. I used the Veranda papers, which are to DIE FOR! I think they are so elegant. Plus, I needed to add a little green project today.

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