Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paper Dreams

I am so proud of my friends, Sally and Angela, for opening a new scrapbooking and crafting store called Paper Dreams in Abilene, KS. And it's gonna ROCK! I was there last night as they were setting up and I can't wait to see the finished product.

 The walls are a cool lavendar/mauve color with white trim and counters. They have great lighting with the big windows in the front. It looks so crisp! I envision amazing artwork on the walls that they've created using their awesome product lines.

They are carrying Cosmo Cricket and Little Yellow Bicycle among other things. I saw cute Irish items for those of you from Chapman and some Cowboy-themed paper for those in Abilene. Plus, they have so much to choose from and I didn't even see half of it, I'm sure.

If you become a friend of theirs on Facebook, you'll get updates about what they have going on when. We do have a scrapbooking class already scheduled for Monday, June 21st. I can't wait! If you'd like to join this class, please contact me.

On another note, there's a new Art & Soul Webisode to check out about Over-stamping. There's a short tutorial about the new digital program, Studio J also.

Friday, May 21, 2010


What happened to justice? What happened to people being arrested, getting cuffed, and then tossed in the backseat of the cruiser? Instead of uncuffing so that he could smoke or search for something in his car and then putting him in the front seat. What happened to keeping "bad" guys behind least long enough for her to escape before he posted bond?  He was out of jail already before the cop could come over and take photos of the house! What is wrong here? HOW CAN THAT BE JUSTICE? He was not in his right mind, so what would've happened if he would've beat the cop over to their house where she was packing? And we live in a town of 400, folks, not 400,000. He was out of jail (in a town 20 miles away) and home in less than 3 hours. Believe that. It's true.

Thank You, Jesus, for keeping everyone safe last night. Thank You for allowing me to be home at just the right time. Thank You for allowing me to fight that urge to go to the local restaurant and instead cook at home. Thank You, for having Steven come home when I called and not dally (as can happen). Thank You, for allowing our friend, Jason, to be at home and willing to "come over, but through the back door," not knowing what was going on. Thank You that no weapons were involved. Whew!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miracle Mini Album

It's been awhile since I've done anything except cards or layouts. It was super fun to create this, especially since the Miracle kit includes just about everything I needed. That made it faster, simpler, easier.

This is a class I'm doing on Monday, June 7th. The price is around $25, but you will have tons of leftovers to create your own projects at home. Anyone can come, but supplies must be pre-ordered by Friday, May 21st. Supplies used: Miracle Kit, 6x6 Chipboard Album, Chocolate Cardstock. Any cardstock colors would work-- that's the Miracle of this kit. I've seen Outdoor Denim, Tulip, Sorbet, Chocolate and Pansy Purple used and it looks amazing. You're supposed to choose one color from your photos and then get the card stock to match that. It will tie it all in.

There are several ways to get this fashionable Miracle kit at a great discount or even FREE*:
• Purchase the kit outright for $19.95*
• Place a minimum order of $40 and purchase the kit for only $10*
• Place a minimum order of $60 and purchase the kit for only $5*
• Sign up as a new Consultant between May 1–31 and receive a kit FREE!
• Host a Home Gathering between April 15–May 31 with minimum sales of $300 and receive a kit FREE!

Thanks to Vicki Wizniuk for passing along her instructions for this album.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Laugh "Til You Cry

Who knew this photo would cause me to laugh until I cried and couldn't talk!?

It all started when I was given a Paula Deen magazine that had a 2 page spread on aprons. Those things were ADORABLE! I could not afford any, save one. One which required a sewing machine.... it was a pattern/kit from Jo-ann's. Okay, that's fine. So I was on a quest to find an equally adorable apron that didn't cost $40.

Not much out there that is really cute and cheap. (I did find one, but it's a Close To My Heart one. Still cost me $18.) I found Etsy and thought that the handmade aprons would be cheap. They weren't. Why are aprons so expensive all of a sudden? Has there been a huge rush to in-home cooking lately? Are people not still eating out like they were? It's like aprons are now the "gotta have it" fashion trend.

I mentioned to my mom that she ought to make some really cute aprons to sell in her own Etsy shop. She did make some up and we took photos of them. I have to help her with this Etsy thing because she doesn't have a digital camera, let alone know how to operate one.

So I showed her how to click half-way down on the shutter button until it clicks and beeps, then press it all the way. I even made her practice it. Well, I stood in this picture for a good 4 shots because she COULD NOT figure it out! She was laughing, I was laughing. Tears were coming to our eyes and I tried to find my voice to call Silas out to help us. He looked at us like we were 3-headed monsters because of the laughing and tears. He assured me that he knew how to take a photo. Did he? Yes, he did.

I tell ya, there really is something to this old-person-technology-illiterate thing.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Being a Mom

Sometimes being a mom is amazing. Look at this adorable little man. He is our last and I'm promising to have patience and enjoy every minute of it. 
How could this not make me happy and blessed....

Oh, yeah, now I remember why.

Just kidding! I love my life. I love being a mom and wife. My kids are great (most of the time). Pastor's Kids get a bad rap, but so far, we're not doing too bad! I'm going to feature each child in the next few days and explain more about them.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Online Idea Book

The day has come for you to peruse the NEW Summer 2010 Idea Book! When I saw this cover, I was delighted! I love kitchen is decorated with a cherry motif. I am dreaming of all sorts of things I can do with this cherry paper.

Not only do I love this paper pack, but I also think every single new product in this Idea Book is amazing. I can't wait to own it all!

Plus, CTMH has done something they've never done before in the Idea Book-- they have discounted several items in the book! Lots of the embellishments have been reduced in price, so keep your eye out for savings while you're poring over each and every page.

Click here to go directly to the Online Idea Book.