Friday, May 21, 2010


What happened to justice? What happened to people being arrested, getting cuffed, and then tossed in the backseat of the cruiser? Instead of uncuffing so that he could smoke or search for something in his car and then putting him in the front seat. What happened to keeping "bad" guys behind least long enough for her to escape before he posted bond?  He was out of jail already before the cop could come over and take photos of the house! What is wrong here? HOW CAN THAT BE JUSTICE? He was not in his right mind, so what would've happened if he would've beat the cop over to their house where she was packing? And we live in a town of 400, folks, not 400,000. He was out of jail (in a town 20 miles away) and home in less than 3 hours. Believe that. It's true.

Thank You, Jesus, for keeping everyone safe last night. Thank You for allowing me to be home at just the right time. Thank You for allowing me to fight that urge to go to the local restaurant and instead cook at home. Thank You, for having Steven come home when I called and not dally (as can happen). Thank You, for allowing our friend, Jason, to be at home and willing to "come over, but through the back door," not knowing what was going on. Thank You that no weapons were involved. Whew!

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