Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Laugh "Til You Cry

Who knew this photo would cause me to laugh until I cried and couldn't talk!?

It all started when I was given a Paula Deen magazine that had a 2 page spread on aprons. Those things were ADORABLE! I could not afford any, save one. One which required a sewing machine.... it was a pattern/kit from Jo-ann's. Okay, that's fine. So I was on a quest to find an equally adorable apron that didn't cost $40.

Not much out there that is really cute and cheap. (I did find one, but it's a Close To My Heart one. Still cost me $18.) I found Etsy and thought that the handmade aprons would be cheap. They weren't. Why are aprons so expensive all of a sudden? Has there been a huge rush to in-home cooking lately? Are people not still eating out like they were? It's like aprons are now the "gotta have it" fashion trend.

I mentioned to my mom that she ought to make some really cute aprons to sell in her own Etsy shop. She did make some up and we took photos of them. I have to help her with this Etsy thing because she doesn't have a digital camera, let alone know how to operate one.

So I showed her how to click half-way down on the shutter button until it clicks and beeps, then press it all the way. I even made her practice it. Well, I stood in this picture for a good 4 shots because she COULD NOT figure it out! She was laughing, I was laughing. Tears were coming to our eyes and I tried to find my voice to call Silas out to help us. He looked at us like we were 3-headed monsters because of the laughing and tears. He assured me that he knew how to take a photo. Did he? Yes, he did.

I tell ya, there really is something to this old-person-technology-illiterate thing.


Anonymous said...

Oh Granny. It doesn't get much better than that.

Lori said...

That's a cute story. I'm not sure that I like all this new technology myself. I can't even watch tv anymore. With 3 remotes, I don't know how to turn the tv on. Geez. What happened to the old days when all you had to do was get up and turn the knob? lol.