Monday, February 8, 2010


I am feeling pretty frazzled already this week. Paper I need for a workshop isn't coming until the day of the workshop. I also have parent-teacher conferences that afternoon before leaving for the workshop. That means I'll be rushing around to get the paper cut, deliver our church's soup meal to the teachers, make my P/T conferences, plus leave on time for the workshop!

I also have to make valentines for my kids, my husband, all 3 of my kids' classes. Oh, and don't forget the treats I'm supposed to make for Joel's class. He wanted cinnamon rolls, but I had to nix that idea for lack of time.

Friday we're having friends over for games and snacks. I was thinking my new kitchen would be installed, but my brother isn't done with the countertops. Can't really have a kitchen without those!

I work pretty well under pressure, so I'll be fine. Just can't wait til the week is over though.

I made this card last week. Basically, all I used was white cardstock and 5 colored brads. Fairly simple and kind of cute I thought.

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