Monday, April 5, 2010

My 32nd Birthday

They may look sweet.... So my birthday was on Saturday. I thought it would be great to take the kids miniature golfing. After all, our oldest is 9 1/2 and we'd never gone. So after the Easter Egg Hunt, which wasn't "lame to the power of 100" like last year (according to Addie), we loaded up and went to Topeka.

I got to choose my restaurant. Now, before I tell you what I chose, let me explain a little bit. When we moved closet to Manhattan, I visited this restaurant once... before it shut down completely. I was devastated! So, in Manhattan, my choice would be Famous Dave's, hands-down (until Olive Garden is finished being built, then it will be a toss up). Every time I'm in Topeka for lunch, I stop at this one particular restaurant. So I was wavering between Famous Dave's and my other restaurant. Much to my husband's chagrin, I chose my other restaurant-- Long John Silver's. The food is greasy and MAGNIFICENT! But is it just me, or is EVERY LJS dirty as can be? I much prefer the drive-thru for this reason, but I didn't want a family of 6 eating LJS in the van, so we went in. It was a great birthday meal... and less expensive than my other choice, so what's Steven complaining about?

After lunch, we headed to Sport Center for some goony golf. First, I'm not sure why Steven and I thought we could play along with 3 kids and a baby in a stroller. My game was wasted on hole 4 when I had to hold Lincoln and push an empty stroller. Then, because there were people behind us, we rushed the kids through. Addie was frustrated because she was playing golf with a great big swing and not getting the ball in....ever. But Joel and Silas had a great time. Joel was outside in sunshine and getting exercise...enough said.

And to torture ourselves even more, we went to the mall....with 4 kids, the day before Easter. And the most frustrating thing was that my husband was the biggest problem. We argued over what shirt and tie he should wear for easter. He wanted gray or dark blue. But he already HAS gray and dark blue, so why spend more money on the same shirt? I almost cried out of frustration! Except that I found a $15 dress and I forced him to buy a bluish shirt and tie. I told him this opened up endless possibilities now that he wore a new color.

Now, I will save Easter for another day.

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