Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Middle Child

I officially have 2 middle children now-- Joel and Silas, but I really consider Silas the baby still since there's such a huge gap between he and Lincoln. I think I have 2 babies, not two middles. Anyway. You've heard about middle children, right? You have a middle child, right? They are just different in every way. I just don't know how to parent this child. He is a walking oxymoron. Sometimes he's super-sensitive, sometimes he's red-hot angry! Sometimes he's sweet as can be and loveable and sometimes he's saying that we hate him and he hates us. What gives? How do you deal with your middle child? GIVE ME SOME ADVICE!

On another note, the pasta I made this past weekend was Dee-lish! It  wasn't the Cajun Chicken Pasta I had planned on making. I chose Pastor Ryan's Pasta Carbonara instead. It tasted just like something you'd get from Olive Garden. My sauce texture was a little off though.

I did make the Cajun Chicken pasta. It did NOT look like the photo, but it really tasted pretty good. Even my husband said he liked it. So I will try that again and try to perfect it. The photo just looks so good!

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literarywife said...

Oh, Joela. Maybe you could take some advice from my mom, as Nick seems to be a walking oxymoron as well.