Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Si-Guy

Cleaning up After He spray-painted the van.
Today my third child turns 6. He woke up and got to open one present-- a zhu-zhu pet. What kids see in these, I have no idea.... Anyway, he was pretty excited (except he wanted the red ninja pet and I couldn't find that particular one, so he got a black & blue one-- non-ninja).

His favorite socks
He at first wanted me to make cinnamon muffins for him to have as birthday treats at school. Then he asked about cherry tarts, which I told him I wouldn't make 20 cherry tarts for his treats. (Am I mean?) Then he chose chocolate cupcakes, white frosting with red, yellow, orange, and blue sprinkles. Not green because we were almost out and definitely NOT purple because only K-State likes purple...

So Lincoln and I will head over to his school this afternoon and take the treats. Can't wait to see how he behaves when he is in this type of social situation. I'm always curious.


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